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 About The School

Siliguri Boys’ High School is one of the most renowned institutions of West Bengal. The school was established in the year 1898/99 as a Middle English School and upgraded to a High English School on 2nd January 1918 with six (6) students in std VIII. Officially 1918 is considered as the year of establishment of Siliguri Boys’ High School though it started its function 20 years earlier. After independence the school was converted to a Multipurpose High School in 1957, i.e. all the three streams, Science, Commerce and Humanities could be studied here. This was the first multipurpose school of the region. Later the medium of instruction was shifted to Bengali from English.
The school is situated at the heart of the city. Siliguri Boys’ High School is one of the most renowned institutions of West Bengal. It has got wonderful results through out....The Boyzians are not only showing them self in the examinations but also in the cultural side, quizzes, debates and so many other curricular activities. It has been stated earlier that the school is situated at the heart of the city. To be honest, the love and respect for the school is there in the core of heart of every residential of the Siliguri.


The school is affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education - popularly known as West Bengal State Education Boards.

Head Masters

(1918 - 2008)
1. Khitish Chandra Bhattacharya
2. Anadinath Mukherjee, M.A.
3. Karuna Krishna Sarkar, B.A.
4. Sudhindranath Raha, B.A.
5. Sachindra Mohan Sarkar (1927-63) was the most prominent Head Master, the school ever had. His 36 years tenure is considered as the golden era of the school. He is praised over the years a kind hearted teacher and as a very strict administrator. He had a blend of both and during his term the school was upgraded to multipurpose school. Sanchindra Mohan Sarkar worked as an assistant teacher in Nafar Chandra Vidyalaya in Natudaha in the district of Nadia before he joined this school.
6. Khestra Nath Choudhury, M.A. (Triple), B.T
7. Ramanath Chakraborty, M.A.
8. Monoranjan Choudhury, M.A., B.T.
9. Narayan Chandra Saha, M.Sc.,B.T. The second Golden era for the school was during the tenure of 'Narayan Babu.' As usual, popularly known as 'Head Sir,' is another one with a great personality. A soft person with tough personality. At least 80% of 5 lakh citizens of Siliguri knows him and respect him like God though he is hardly seen in any media presentation or news piece or any public presentation. Despite having his distinct political inclination towards a specific political wing, his students could never get a touch of his political thought. Even after years of his retirement, he is still fully engaged with several academic works and still calls thousands of his ex students by name. Students of his tenure feel proud from the core of their heart.
10. Anil Ghosh.
11. Chandan Das, M.Sc., B.ed---The present Head Master .


The M.E school was housed in a big hut made of thatched paddy roof, wooden floor, plinth on logs and bamboo doors. It stood where the present “Tathya Kendra” stands. On 23rd December, 1922 this school was burnt to ashes.

A 2.29 acres of land was demarcated in the Railway Survey Map of 1877 near the Terminal Rail Station (now Siliguri Town Station) where the school stands today. In the initial years the classes were held in two buildings. One with 18 ft x 80 ft with a 6 ft veranda and the other was 56 ft x 17 ft with a 5 ft verandah. The floors and plinth were made of concrete, with wooden walls and corrugated roofs. Later a 18 ft x 15 ft concrete office and library were made followed by a bigger headmaster’s sitting room and lumber.

Behind this building there were two more rooms used as hostel separately used for the Hindu and Muslim students. Before this hostel was made the Hindu hostel was approximately 1 km far off on the Hill Cart Road, where the present “Layak Bhawan” stands.

Now the school have a big double storied building with an auditorium, staff rooms, all well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography laboratories and Computer Rooms.
The new double storied building at the east side of the school is under construction.

Present Teaching Stuffs

There are more than fifty teachers at present. Chandan Das is the Headmaster while Brojo Gopal Saha is taking the charge of the Assistant Headmaster.
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Students to be proud of

Charu Majumdar, the founding leader of the Naxalbari Movement.
Ananda Mohan Bhattacharya, former chief justice of Kolkata & Mumbai High Court.
Anup Deb, former chief justice of Sikkim High Court.
Prof. Asru Kumar Sikder, Eminent professor of Bengali language and literature.
Dr. Biplab Bhawal, Renowned Scientist (Physics), USA

Student Life